Storefront/Commercial Window Cleaning

At Firedog Pressure Washing, we are proud to add storefront and commercial window cleaning to the service lineup! Our spot-free cleaning system will leave the face of your business sparkling!

The outdoor elements can be brutal to your windows. Layers of dust, dirt, and algae build up on the glass, leaving your windows dull and uninviting to potential customers. In addition, storefront windows are constantly exposed to fingerprints and smudges from customers. Your storefront is the face of your business, and it is vital to ensure that these windows are clean and inviting, giving your potential customers a great first impression.

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At Firedog Pressure Washing, our guys are cleaning professionals. We have the right tools and expertise to get the job done, allowing you to focus your talents on taking care of your business. Our cleaning process involves 3 main stages:

  • Pre-Cleaning Assessment:

    Before we begin cleaning, we look the area over thoroughly. We check for potential problems, such as cracked glass or damage to the window frames. We move anything out of the way that could be damaged during the process, such as potted plants.

  • During the wash,

    we apply the proper solutions to take care of the grime without damaging your glass. Our spot-free cleaning system ensures that we leave your glass with a sparkling, polished look.

  • Post-Cleaning Assessment:

    When the job is done, we perform a final check to ensure that it meets our incredibly high standards of cleanliness. We also move anything back into place that had to be moved prior to cleaning.

Give your business the time and attention it deserves, and allow our incredibly skilled crew can take care of the cleaning. Firedog Pressure Washing can handle all of your commercial exterior cleaning needs, including window cleaning. You can feel safe knowing that the experts at Firedog will give you a polished look every time.

To make the process even more maintenance-free for you, we can set up regularly scheduled cleanings. No need to keep adding this to your to-do list. Contact us today to let us take care of the burden.