Soft Washing – Pressure Washing Without Damage

The siding material on your home tends to be the catch-all for dirt, grime, mold and mildew buildup. Over time it can look drab or unsightly. Pressure washing is the answer to making it sparkle again. Low pressure washing will remove the buildup and leave the surface fresh and clean without the damage caused by a high pressure wash.

Cleaning Without Damage

Firedog Pressure Washing offers low pressure washing techniques that save your siding from being battered and destroyed by a high pressure spray of water. They offer safe and effective removal of dirt and mold that won’t cost you the life of your siding. They can easily manage the cleaning of a wide variety of siding materials. They are knowledgeable when it comes to how fragile some siding materials are and will treat each surface with the care it needs and deserves.

Experienced and Professional

It’s nice to think of blasting the dirt away, but using too much force on siding of any type will promote the degradation of materials, slippage leading to water intrusion and damage, or the outright immediate destruction of materials used to cover the exterior of your home. The old school methods of high pressure washing have proven time and again to cause more harm in the long run. Firedog Pressure Washing will gently remove the unwanted buildup and leave your home looking as good as new.Soft Washing - Pressure Washing Without Damage