Why is Soft Washing the Better Choice?

High pressure cleanings are designed to blast the grime off of your home. Unfortunately, the high pressure also removes other important things such as paint and shingle granules. Instead of eliminating algae and mold, high pressure cleanings actually spread it by broadcasting the microscopic spores from which they grow.

Soft washing is a safer and gentler alternative. It uses low pressure water mixed with environmentally friendly detergents to clean the grime off of your home. These mild detergents lift grime and kill mold and algae spores. The grime and dead spores are then gently rinsed off of your home and eliminated. Soft washing is the most thorough method of house cleaning available today.

Fire Dog Pressure Washing offers a fast and inexpensive soft washing service for any type of siding, rain gutters, and concrete surfaces. Fire Dog’s professionalism and expertise offer a prompt and friendly house cleaning service that will leave your home exterior looking shiny and new within hours!Why is Soft Washing the Better Choice?