House Washing

Why Have Your House Washed?

For most, your house represents the single largest investment that you may ever make. But it’s more than that, your house is where you live, where you raise your kids…it’s home, and who wants to live in a dirty home? Yet with time and exposure to the elements, the exterior appearance of your home will deteriorate. Once vibrant paint now looks dull. Dirt, grime, mold and mildew may even be visible and eating away at the very materials used to build your home!

Low Pressure House Washing

With low pressure house washing service from Firedog Pressure Washing years of dirt, grime and other contaminants literally slide off your home revealing the clean, vibrant, like new exterior surface that your remember. Our low pressure house washing uses specialized, eco-friendly detergents and a soft water rinse to clean the exterior of your home in a completely safe and effective manner. Don’t endure another single day in a dirty, soiled looking home, contact Firedog today!